The quizzes

The quizzes within this website are for the people interesting in testing their knowledge on a specific topic, therefore this can play a vital role within the service where it is still used to educate students and test their basic knowledge on a specific topic, that relates to trips they have taken.

With a simplified experience, there is less content to quiz the users on. The quizzable content includes;

Basic Language

The Capital

The Capitals’ location on the map



This is content that can be explored throughout their virtual trip to the country. The questions, and the way they are written should vary for the different age ranges.


Local & International Podcast

Hirsty’s Daily Dose

The intro is really fun and upbeat that describes the perfect listener, it also names and funnily describes the presenters. Music is loud but goes down when the producers speak. – I find it funny when they do something in the studio that isn’t good radio and then they say “this is great radio everyone” or sarcastically say something like “name of radio station, listened by millions a day”. Swearing because younger listeners can relate better. A complication of parts from earlier in that show that were funny. Dubstep soundtrack makes it sound modern. Taking the mick out of each other makes it more funny.

Probably wouldn’t be relatable to older generations.

Fletch & Vaughan
I like that they have good banter, don’t take themselves too seriously and always value their listeners opinion. Real laughter and going on tangents makes it seem much less scripted. They like to poke fun at topical subjects to make them more interesting for the listener. The target audience is about 16-35 year old people. They have backing music over some areas but then then are none in others which makes it more about the content. Still relate to the presenters even though they’re on the other side of the planet, they speak of things that people can relate to across the planet.

The fact that the presenters are so funny also makes some of their features where they involve their listeners a little less interesting because they don’t go off on the tangents which is what makes them funny, seeming more scripted it is a little less fun.