Final Presentation

Introducing Frog Voyage…Web 1920 – 1

The idea behind Frog Voyage was a website that would encourage kids between the ages of 8-12 years old to learn about other languages and cultures. The best way they could that at the moment is by using a combination of Instagram, Google Wikipedia, Yummly, Facebook and YouTube. These services and content can portray a country in a certain way that follows the ideas of the content developer. This can mean the kids will sometimes read bias information, which is not ideal. Frog Voyage was initially concieved to fill this void.

Web 1920 – 7

When the original idea was concieved there was many different aspects to it that meant there was a lot of confusion about what the future held, this brainstorm is available to see here;Web 1920 – 5

Ever since I started the project people have always asked why I chose frogs as the character, the idea is that frogs are one of the only animals that exist in every since country worldwide. It also allowed the user to have a distinct connection with nature, the benifits of which are listed below.

Web 1920 – 4The next part was to overanalyse every section of what my subject was meant to be. This meant the sections below were all researched and acted upon within my subject. This development has been documented on my blog throughout the year.

Web 1920 – 6Web 1920 – 8

You can see below how my brainstorm was higely reduced after such a large ammount of research.

Web 1920 – 9

I was able to use this research to not only create this brainstorm but also, effieciently create a large user journey as it is here I was able develop the site map and recognise the steps required to partake in any given activity on the website.

This meant in my designs I was able to create a working model of how the user would experience a country and the different functions. All that would be required after this is a content management system, which would allow me to add the next 20 countries required to finish the design.Web 1920 – 11

There are 5 frogs, with 15 different colours meaning 75 colour variations.Web 1920 – 12Web 1920 – 13Web 1920 – 14Web 1920 – 15

I managed to ask someone from my target audience for feedback about my project, these are the comments that she gave me.Web 1920 – 18Web 1920 – 19

Finally once the design was completed and i’d got feedback on my designs, I was able to approach some web design agencies that offer investments in startups, with one of the prominent ones being Work & Co..

Web 1920 – 3

This company had made products for some very large companies and therefore I was quite interested by them

Web 1920 – 2


Storytelling, Emotions & Characterists.

Emotions play an important part of the likeability of a product/service. With my site, the characters will directly be able to impact the user, there are a range of 5 characters with different emotions. Paul Eckman worked with disney on their movie ‘Inside Out’ and said there are 6 main emotions, Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness.

While this is great to show the wide range of emotions, it wouldn’t be appropriate for my characters to be stuck with one emotion, but it is worth noting for research. The characteristics of the characters are where I can have the most impact.

Telling a story will ber a great way to capture the creative minds of my audience, this can by done by creating an intruiging story for my characters.

“Belief systems in children and teens are also influenced by movies, especially in the absence of an already established belief system.” Therefore by creating an entertaining platform that encourages learning of other cultures and being open to friendships with people from other countries is a great way to enter adulthood.

In summary, consumers, regardless of age, make decisions based upon emotion instead of reason.

My storyline

The story to encourage the users to get involved in the website is as follows. Once upon a time there was a frog. Everyday he sat on his lily pad watching the flies buzz around him endlessly. One day the frog noticed that the flies had all disappeared. He pondered as to were the flies had gone, they kept him company around his lilypad (and they were nice to eat). After days of being hungry, he decided to go looking for a new home with lots of flies. This is where the journey began for the frog as he started to explore the world around him and meet lots of new frogs.

Once the user has signed up for the account and chosen their character, the beginning sequence explains the story of the frog. This can be done in a storytelling manner much like in the cinderella introduction seen here;

and especially the pages of the book of the Snow White book;


But the best way to portray it online would be in the same format as the Rapunzel storybook;




Facial Coding

Future of 3D Touch

3D Touch is a technology that apple has implemented into it’s currently generation of iPhone to add a new dimension to the user interface. It now means there are three levels of force that can be applied to the screen that will offer the user a different experience, these are a tap, gentle press and hard press. A great video explaining it is below.

There is also technology researched by Disney to complement the 3D touch that would give tactile feedback to the user based on what was on the screen. This means the device could imitate the feel of an object and bumps and can also add resistance to the screen.

Haptic Feedback is something Apple have alreadly implemented into the iPhone to allow the user to understand when they have pressed harder for the 3D touches. This is just the beggining, using 3D touch more thoroughly throughout the operating system and creating different ways of doing things using these techniques will change the way people interact with their phones forever.