Project Map

The project map is an important stage within the development stage, it allows me to consider the main journeys that user should take. These are the main possible user journeys that can be taken;


Virtual Experiences

It is vital that the website offers experiences for differenct countries to encourage the learning experience, but how about using virtual trips to do that?

Trips could allow the user to learn things that my target audience will find interesting about that country while spending as long, or as little time as they want on that place. Using this method also means that the service can be streamlines and as an understandable model for each trip can be created.

On a trip, a user can;

  • Set out on a trip, and customise their frog with the relevant items for that country, and it’s weather (while information about it’s climate appears). This can be done as information on a ticket page contains some basics about the contry, then the next thing they see is their store of cutsomisable items they can add if they want.
  • Visit some of its’ famous landmarks and choose to learn more about them if they so wish to.
  • Attend social sections, a cartoon backdrop with all users frog onscreen where people also on that trip at the same time can communicate.
  • Practice languages with a foreign teacher frog; basic language lessons can teach the simple conversation starters.
  • Take a ‘selfie’ where the frog can take a picture of themselves for the user scrapbook with their customisations infront of a popluar, these are images that can be sent later in messages to friends, which links them to the trip they can take too.
  • Connect with someone their own age from that country that they can instantly send a message to start a conversation.
  • Send digital postcards from that location to their friends, these postcards can edited by adding stickers to alter appearance and a message in different fonts, colours and size can be added to the back.

Once the trip is over, additional content can be offered to the user in the way of quiz questions, quick lesson lessons on the language and items collected.

As they have traveled through the experience, they have discovered the country digitally, learnt about the culture, met some people also learning about this culture and started a converdsation with a local, learnt’ a few foreign words, they are already very indulged in this country.

Gamification of my service

Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists – a website, an enterprise application, an online community and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. This is something that is vital to encourage my users to engage in the community and learning process through Frog Voyage.

What is relevant to Frog Voyage when it comes to gamification?

  • Storyline
  • No login to get involved
  • Constantly offer new content (Never completed)
  • Promote social interaction
  • Learning must be risk-free


The story follows a frog who decided to leave his lily pad in Kumari Kandam when he notices all the flies around his home had started to disappear, when he leaves he starts to learn things about the world around him and meet new frogs.

The frogs home of Kumari Kandam relates to mythology of an ancient world where mankind evolved. It is believed to be a land that no longer exists that belonged between Africa and Australia, like shown below;


Not only does this mean we have a defining character for our frog but also means that we can encourage the kids to explore the world with a sense of no belonging as the character and live in a world of imagination. This suits the audiences’ needs much better, as when they don’t feel like the character has a home, they no longer feel the need to return or put importance on it, they can simply move around the map and explore, something they should do be able to do with an open mind. This is important as it allows the user to relate to the character, and feel like everyone is, and should be equal. It also makes it an easier platform for being interested in new cultures.

No Login Required

Allowing access to the content without login is important as it allows the users to view content unrestricted, the user should be given the option to login to view addition, more preferable content, friends, progress etc.

New Content Forever

To keep a game fresh and exciting, there should an continuous flow of new content to ensure the user stays engaged. It also means the user should never be able to ‘complete’ the service.

Promote Social Interaction 

Having users connect with each other while playing games online is the best way to all the users feel like they are part of something ‘bigger’ than just the game. Therefore it is vital to allow the users to communicate with each other.

Risk-Free Learning

Risk free learning is essential therefore I found that by removing the points based reward system, and gift the award at the beginning of a learning experience, the user already has the gift and can leave at any time, therefore the learning environment is one of choice where the user is able to make risk-free decisions in the game eliminating any danger of missing out on a reward at the end.



23 Effective Uses Of Gamification In Learning: Part 1


Defining my Project

I have a lot of research at this stage so I think it is relevant to do a sitemap of all the planned content for the site and how it fits together, this allows me to determine what is most important, and the hierachy of the content, seeing the content in this way will allow me to pull sections together in new theories and solutions that weren’t possible previously.

The Sitemap looks like as follows;

Sitemap-copy (2).png

Description of Project

The idea is a website to encourage children aged 6-12 around the world too learn about other languages and culture. The website will be accessible to mobile and desktop browsers worldwide. The main way to gain interaction is through the use of 5 animated frog characters, and to encourage engagement between users, there will be swappable items related to their frogs. This is a very simplified version of the usability of the site, please visit and read the content posted at the below address for all research and developments regarding the venture. I plan to make the service go live and improve the lives of children around the world by breaking barriers and bringing communities closer than ever before.