Lessons from Mr.Men

The Mr. Men series is a great way to look at impoving the emotional personas of the characters. My research resulted in finding out that a lot of the Mr men and Little Miss series are actually based on stereotypes, some of which can be seen to be sexist.

The characters, have the capacity of the one emotion they are names aftre. This makes the interactions interesting. They have both child and adult appeal.

It is important to note that each character not only uses stereotypes, Book plays on types of people in society. From the good to the bad, the characters all fit into onew community. It means that they can react with each other, which can lead to fun situations in the stories.

These books were a number one top seller, and Hargreaves, the author of the books became the third best selling author in the UK. The rights to the Mr men and little miss family were sold for £24 million in 2004.

From looking at these characters, I know it is definitely show emotion within my characters, to give them at the very least a personality.