Business Card Design

I decided for my business card, I wanted to create something that would portray what I do much like the ones in my research ( I decided to create a laptop which had google’s search engine open looking for a local web designer. First I went about designing the laptop complete with keyboard and touchpad, next I added my logo on the front upside down like on the macbook range so that it can be seen the right way up from people looking at it. Something worth noting here is that created the word “Found” using the same typeface and colours as google to give it that recognisable feel, but avoided advertising them on my business card. You can see this mockup here;

air2 air

After printing this version out I decided to turn the logo the right way up because the business card is all about the user experience. I also removed the details from the back of the card to ensure a clean look which is more appropriate for the ‘luxury’ styled branding I wanted to achieve. I also used google search to directly impact the design stage and here how I have used the same colour and style on my card;

googleairfront airback

– I must note here the reason for the circle shape ate the bottom is a line for me to cut out when it is printed so that you can lift the screen up. If you look carefully, I have also tried to avoid putting across the idea that there are other competitors, so underneath me at the top there are a few other ‘designers’ which are completely made up with names and descriptions that make them sound really bad. I have also faded them out the lower down you go so that the main impact was my details. The only way this card looks different to the real thing is the fact that it has an arrow and my telephone number to the side.

Below you Can see the different versions I printed out with the first on the left, you can see both outside and inside, the physical changes I made to the design.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender

Letterhead Design

With the unusual way I have designed my envelopes and letter shape, I thought it would be an important stage to design the layout of the content itself. Therefore I studied some grid layouts ( and started to mockup a few of my own. I knew that using the same colour across all the promotional material I produced was important, so I decided again, to use purple, I knew from the traditional letter, and the legal requirements of any business that sends a letter that it was important to include contact details on the letter, so I decided to use the way I had folder the paper to change the layout. I created a blank space on the left to begin with so that the main content was on the right, this is like a letter I found during my research and you can see this here:


You can see my first design is similar but removes the box from the left, it is below. I found by having the content of the letter so far across the page just seemed unbalanced so I scrapped it.


To create a design much more like the one I was inspired by I moved the informational section to the left but maintained the width of the column since from my previously research I knew it was important that the line width wasn’t too long as it would be easier to read. Also, I disliked the text being so close to the left  as I feel it didn’t work with what I’ve learnt from my research about white space and overall layout so I moved it over a bit to the right, you can see this edition below.


Then I started to consider the experience of opening the letter and taking the letter out of the envelope, I folded the paper into thirds, the way I was planning on doing, and realised the section I created on the front of the letter wasn’t quite a third so I changed that to be exactly one third. Next placed the letter in the envelope and pulled it out as if I was opening it fore the first time, I visualised my logo on the centre and coloured sections on the thirds above and below. My logo is purple and I wanted to have a consistency across my branding therefore I decided to have the coloured sections in purple too, this mean’t I had to move the logo on the letter because it didn’t stand out against the new background colour.

4 5

Promotion Pack – Loyalty Card

I thought something that would be really useful to include would be a Loyalty card for the client, this way it almost guarantees they will keep the card if they have already thrown away the business card. A constant reminder of my business every time they look in their wallets. Although I’m giving the client a 25% discount off my services, firstly it makes them believe they’re getting a cheaper deal, and secondly I would account for that when pricing up my services. I have tried to stay in line with other luxury style cards you can see my inspirations and mockup below.

cards-hero-loyalty imagescard_backMY DESIGN;

Loyalty Card
I was reasonably happy with my initial mockup so I made no changes at all, below you can see the initial print and then the final print, as you can see this final version looks like a much higher quality.



Marketing Items & Content Ideas

Scan 6 3
First item I will include takes design cues from my letterhead research, in general I want to keep in line with my luxurious branding feel so I will create this to hold everything I put inside it. Inside this envelope, I will have a total of three different item. Number one will be similar to the Natwest item for promoting their mobile banking app, It will be shaped like an iPhone, the screen will feature an internet browser with search of a web designer and then the link to akbdesign at the top. On the second page it will be captioned “What I do” and then list with icons the specific things I actually do. These will be:


Logo Design

Web Design


Video Production

Social Media

3rd page – Quote


4th page – Contact me

Twitter handle

blog address

The second item I will create is aiming to close the sale, in effect convince the viewer to give their hard earned cash to me in exchange for my services, for this I will use a double sided A6 sized piece of paper. One one side it will be captioned “Am I right for you?” and then have sales lingo such as, “You need a quality service provided by multi-skilled designer who can capture your business visually and use current trends to present it to your clients in the best possible light. You want him to do all this whilst being affordable, friendly and professional with an edge to his the rest of his competitors”. On the second side I will have client comments and ratings of the service I have  provided them in the past.

The final piece with be credit card style item which has a discount for them off the services provided they use it within as certain amount of time, this will make them think they have got a quality service, with a discount and then potentially be pressured into taking the service before they  would have done otherwise.

Target Audience of Logo

I started to research which part of the demographic my blog was for, I was able to look at the statistics for my blog, to find out who my target audience was. It turns out in the 2 months my blog had been available for the public to read, It had been viewed 401 times from 12 different countries;


This means my blog logo has to be simple enough to be understood by people whose first language isn’t english, the best way to do this is through universal language such as colours and shapes. Simply using my initials would be enough for people to understand that its relating to myself, in simple shapes, using colours with psychological meaning. I want to portray myself as a professional who is cool and dominant enough within the market to stand out from the crowd, a happy, cheerful & trustworthy designer, whose work screams simplicity. To portray this image, I examined my colour research and found the following colours to be relevant to my overall feel.


– Desire

– Sexual passion

– Pleasure

 – Domination


– Wisdom

– Wealth

– Joy


– Intellect

– Energy


– Loyalty


 – Trust

– Wisdom

– Confidence

– Intelligence

– Truth

– Masculine

– Expertise


– Perfection




– Royalty

– Luxury

– Ambition

– Wisdom

– Dignity

– Independence

– Creativity

– Mystery

This gives me something to apply to my current designs that are still in the black & white stage.