Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing

There are many ways to market online, but from my research I found that the best methods are using the mainstream services that people use everyday, as this also allows me to track their success a lot easier. The three stand out ways from my research would be to use YouTube video ads at the beginning of the video for people in the area of Yorkshire, Facebook advertising and iAds on the iPhone which targets mobile users. in the area

Offline Marketing

It is vital to remember that once this marketing has been produced and published, I would need to analyze the effects it has had on the sales on the website. Obviously within the analytics tracking on the website, I would be able to see where the users are coming from, so if it is from a form of my online marketing I woulds have no trouble being able to determine that. The problem arises in the fact I also have offline marketing set up, so the best way to track the offline sales is to ask the user how thy heard about the exhibition when they are purchasing the tickets.

The timing of the marketing is specific to target the audience at the right time. You can see the breakdown below;


The website should be prepared 5 months before the exhibition is due to go live, this means by the time the 3 months benchmark comes around, the site should be at the top of google for the relevant museum. Bookmarks and lighters are shown here;

should be used to get people talking, they are two items that would distribute themselves in the community and gain free marketing. The next stages would be the facebook advertising, newspaper ads and billboards because they take effect as of immediately. You can see examples of these here;

Apple iAds on the iPhone are a great way to reach the user in an interactive manner, you can see this below;marketing-02.png

which are shown on the device like so;

Schermata 2016-01-16 alle 11.12.27.png

The style of the tickets are very important, based on an authentic look of real money, they give an impression of luxury and sell the experience overall;



Mobile Testing

An important side of the marketability of this website is the amount of users that can access it. This means, that the website must be accessible by multiple devices. Therefore I have tested three of the screens on the website to check if they would work, below are the results.

It is worth noticing that the site looks good and works well on most of the screens but it is important to also note that some of the design stops working on the smaller screens and that the devices are unable to show the site as they have been designed. The best way to get round this is to build a separate design for landscape mobile. Another issue is the fonts, and whether they display correctly, as you can see there is a mixed result from across the different devices. The mobile optimization has worked to a satisfactory level, but has suffered a few issues on smaller screens.

SEO for Marketing

Part off SEO is making sure that your site is found when searched for, therefore it is vital that it can be found easily. Google Keywords Planner is a great service that tells you how many times a word is searched for, and which are the best keywords to use. I have found entered the sites details into the keyword planner, and have made two discoveries.

Firstly, people only search for a specific type of exhibition if at all, therefore they must know the name through the marketing for them to search it, otherwise there are no keywords that can help get the site seen, you can see this here with really vague keyword suggestions like “museum exhibits”;

Schermata 2016-01-13 alle 08.10.56.png

Secondly, the most popular museum related searched are the names themselves, this means that the best way to create a successful exhibition, is to make it travel between really popular museums, and make the website appear at the top of the search for these museums. You can see this would be really successful by the following information;


Facebook marketing campaign

Facebook marketing is a key part of my online marketing scheme, it allows me to target a wide range of my audience very easily based on their location. Firstly I started by creating a Facebook page where potential visitors could get an idea of scale and quality of the exhibition by being able to see how many people like it, their comments on the posts in the museum and also the pictures posted on the Facebook wall giving a deeper insight int what is going on in the museum exhibition.


Next I started a Facebook advertisement campaign to target people within a 10 mile radius of the museum from my target audience, this means that the advert would be see by about 140,000 potential visitors. An internal study of Facebook advertisers found that over 90% of people viewed ads and shopped in the store did not click on the ads, this means that Facebook advertisements act more like digital billboards to create awareness of a brand or event.



The success of a Facebook advert, as previously mentioned isn’t entered based on clicks but obviously clicks do also drive sales, so I have researched what the click through rate is in comparison to the cost per click. The average click through rate for an event is 0.028%, but out of a total of 140,000 visitors that converts to a total of 3,920 of users clicking through on the advertisement. While this isn’t a compiletely impressive conversion rate, it is worth noting that other users will purchase tickets without clicking on the advert as aforementioned.



Promotion Pack – Packaging & Leaflet

My first mockup I created was based with design cues from this image:


A letter for a San Diego hotel, something that I thought worked really well because it looks very luxurious and has a very good quality appearance. This is what I want to represent in my self-promotion pack so I set about designing the packaging myself, you can see it here:

ScanScan 1 Scan 2

Inside I created a little booklet to tell the client what I do (above), the front page shows the logo while the second page contains the contents of the rest of the package, a third page shows an image of me with a quote of a famous designer and the fourth page is a little cheesy with line from the song “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson. As you can see it says “Here’s my number; (number) so call me maybe”. This was my initial design but after further research which has already been posted I realised a lot of this was irrelevant. The design is going to be of a front of an iPhone so it will be reshaped, secondly the logo will become a smaller visual on the front page as the main concept will like google search in a web browser. The second page will now instead show all the skills that I am capable of. The third page has completely changed as I realised that by quoting someone else in my book it makes me seem less important which is not the effect I want to have so I have created my own sales line to further advertise myself and this will be placed over an image of a laptop. The final page will have contact details but if I want portray myself as a quality service, I shouldn’t have any cheesy lyrics so I have decided to drop those and add in alternative methods to contact me like my twitter and blog address. The second design is in the stage from paper to digital and also has the correct content:

bookletThe final mockup when reshaped and redesigned to be like an iPhone looks like this;




The only issue with the final version is that the phone is on the backside, this is a printing mistake and will be fixed by the final edition.

The next step was to create the final mockup of the insert and also create the mapped version of them so they were ready for print. When on my visit to Wyke Printers, I showed them my designs and then discussed with them any changed they though would need to be made to my designs. On the actual folds because I have used multiple pieces of paper and glues them together to get the design I wanted, I have folds and joins where I don’t need them, by creating a map I can then print it out on one piece of paper then cut out shape and then fold and glue in the relevant places, this would not only make it much easier for mass production but would also create a much better experience for the client. Below are the maps of my designs and also the final mockups of my booklet.


promotional frameI decided that I wanted to make the iPhone look a a little more professional, so I removed all of the real images of the iPhone and added my own details in for the microphone and then made the back look like an actual iPhone too. You can see the new version below alongside a real image of the iPhone for comparison.

real-iphone-back iPhone-front
Here you will see the complete set of different versions that I created starting with my initial design to completely finished version. You will notice that the first iPhone, second iteration was actually printed backwards, so doesn’t look right, this was fixed for the final version.


Marketing Items & Content Ideas

Scan 6 3
First item I will include takes design cues from my letterhead research, in general I want to keep in line with my luxurious branding feel so I will create this to hold everything I put inside it. Inside this envelope, I will have a total of three different item. Number one will be similar to the Natwest item for promoting their mobile banking app, It will be shaped like an iPhone, the screen will feature an internet browser with search of a web designer and then the link to akbdesign at the top. On the second page it will be captioned “What I do” and then list with icons the specific things I actually do. These will be:


Logo Design

Web Design


Video Production

Social Media

3rd page – Quote


4th page – Contact me

Twitter handle

blog address

The second item I will create is aiming to close the sale, in effect convince the viewer to give their hard earned cash to me in exchange for my services, for this I will use a double sided A6 sized piece of paper. One one side it will be captioned “Am I right for you?” and then have sales lingo such as, “You need a quality service provided by multi-skilled designer who can capture your business visually and use current trends to present it to your clients in the best possible light. You want him to do all this whilst being affordable, friendly and professional with an edge to his the rest of his competitors”. On the second side I will have client comments and ratings of the service I have  provided them in the past.

The final piece with be credit card style item which has a discount for them off the services provided they use it within as certain amount of time, this will make them think they have got a quality service, with a discount and then potentially be pressured into taking the service before they  would have done otherwise.