Tools I used

The most important learning curve gained through this project is the applications I learned the use of during the process. This is the list of programs I learnt;




After Effects

Polymer Project

Zurb Framework






Google Material


Self-Promotion Evaluation

When creating my self-promotion pack, I wanted to create a set of items that represented my brand in a specific way. I wanted to come across in a manner that was seen as luxury with a high quality to it, this was following my research of luxurious branding how they presented themselves as not just a product but as a way of life. By using a maximum of three colours, two of which being different tones of purple throughout the packaging I have created general look across everything I have produced, this makes it easily recognisable as part of something produced by AKB Design.

From my research about a self-promotion pack I knew that I had to create something that I could send out to the client so that I could close the deal. I wanted to create a little a package that would contain something that would be nice to look at and be an enjoyable experience for the client to open. In it I created a iPhone mockup which included information about myself such as what I can do and again contact details. I also created a mini poster that would describe their perfect designer and then explain that I am that designer. I also gave them a discount card within it so that they felt like they were getting a better deal.

I also created a envelope for my letterhead that followed the same design cues as my promo pack. It had simple design which took advantage of white space which created pleasant packaging for the letter. It was folded and shaped in an unusual way which makes it stand out from the crowd, which is something that has to be done as a designer because then a client is more likely to use your services, because if you stand out from the crowd and are able to show you can make that happen for yourself, then you more than definitely will be able to do it for someone else.

I think it was the depth of my research that really helped this stage become as successful as it did, understanding what others did allowed me to understand what I needed to do be professional but again what I could do differently to stand out from the crowd. Essentially my research allowed me to think outside of the box because i was researching what others ‘inside the box’ had previously done.

An example of this was my business card, I wanted to create something that would explain what I did without really having to read too much on the card. Again research played a massive part in this because I found the most successful business cards reflected the line of work that they were representing, therefore I chose a the design of a laptop, and added my logo to it, on the screen I created a mockup that didn’t advertise google but reflected it so that people understood what it was, then showed alb design at the top.

Natwest – Self Promotional Piece

I came across this promotional piece for Natwests mobile banking app, it simulates a mobile phone with the actual leaflet within the screen, then when you open the leaflet it has the relevant content. Something worth noting here is that they have used no more than three colours throughout the piece of marketing. As a web designer I could use this idea to promote what I do, this is something I will consider for part of my promotional piece.

Scan 6Scan 8 Scan 7

Self promotion research

Self promotional item is important because promotes you and your services, if done correctly it can gain you customers. There are many things you can do, from providing a portfolio of your work to a simple toy or gift that the customer will want to keep so that they are constantly reminded of you.

What is the point of this piece?
This piece of self-promotion is something you can send a potential client when they are half interested in your services. It needs to contain some person info to make me interesting, tel the client what I do, why i’m the best and then close the sale to get them to contact me to take up my services. I will research this then decide how I will do it myself.

Jon cleave created a wonderful experience which is a portfolio of his work in a book, a business card and a letter all sealed in a large envelope with wax stamp, you can see this here;


Wong Sockying is a graphic communication graduate from Singapore and this is what she sends to her clients;


It is design help sent in a box, all the cures for every types of different design jobs, this way the client has a fun experience of the designer but also learns what Wong does, brilliant self-promotion.

Another designer, Christer Dahlslett has gone down the route of being medical, by providing a operating table and surgical equipment and also the doctors notes card which has all her personal details, you can see this one below;


Farm design go in a complete different direction. To brand their company and all the different services they provide they have likened themselves to a set of ice pop. Each Ice pop represents one of the different services they do, and they have a flavour board which describes each one. This one works really well because it arrives in a cool box so it would have to be opened straight away and contains quite a few so has to be shared with colleagues within the office which gets them talking about the company, and the more people that know about the business the better. Also who doesn’t like ice pops? Check them out here;


Something I noticed is that each one has a consistent design throughout, which helps with continuity. This can be seen here really well too where George has put a portfolio of his work together and uses a colourful diamond system to give it a nice overall design.


So from my research I have found that continuity in the design is important, making it interesting for the client to use is a massively important and if you can get them talking about it to others, even better. In a sense having a gimmick, something for the client to play with makes them look at your branding longer so you are winning more advertising time with them. Continuity, interesting and gimmicks are the three most important things I have learn’t from my research so my next step will be to decide what I will create.


Wyke Printers company visit

To understand the process of creating a physical hand out like a business card or letterhead, I found it was vital to research the companies that produce these things. I organised a visit to G.F. Smith, the paper manufacturer and Wyke Printers.


One of the first things I learnt when being showed around Wyke Printers was about the ‘blueprint’, a paper cutout of anything that needs to be folded and cut to create a certain shape. The photo below shows the blueprint design for a folder that the company Lincat are paying Wyke printing for. You can see the design has dotted lines for folds and hard lines to be cut. The layout of the content is shown as it would be so that should there be any mistakes, they can be easily resolved. There are many machines in the building that do lot’s of different jobs, things like stapling books together, printing, checking colour levels  etc.


Along the top of each piece of paper printed, there is a set of colour codes which are read by the computer system, this will determine whether each machine has the correct amount of each colour in it. Wyke use CMYK (reason for this has been mentioned in previous research). You can see the numbers on the machine actually match up to the different colour sets on the paper.

Finally I shared the initial ideas for my self promotion material, and was shown the piece of equipment you can see below, if I was to create my designs on a mass scale, I would use a printing press, this basically is laid out like the blueprint you can see at the beginning of this post and will make the relevant scores and cuts on the paper, this saves time and money. Then all that needs to happen is the relevant folds, glue and and then they are shipped to the customer. This is obviously ideal and has shaped the way I will arrange my designs. This is the press I was shown:


Creative Futures ~ Brief

My brief is to create a logo, this logo is going to represent me as a student, the work that I produce, something I will be able to use to brand my work as my own and become instantly recognisable to the people who view it. With little knowledge of branding, I plan to study and revise key concepts that will affect my final design.

Initial thoughts on my logo are that I want it to be based upon the name “BRODIE” so it is instantly recognisable as my own, it should be somewhat relatable to a computer or the web as i am a web designer. I have written these initial thoughts before I start my research so that you can see how my ideas develop after I have researched further into the world of branding.