Understanding dynamic content

Dynamic content is what I am going to use for my thematic online photo gallery. It basically means a website that regular updates it’s content, there are many examples of this on the web. Since dynamic content can include text, images, sound and video I can show examples of each different version.

It has been used here by YouTube to create a personal experience of videos that you may be interested in based upon history and likes;
It is also used to produce results to a user specified search term such as “uptown funk bruno mars”;

It is also used by social media platforms to create a personalised experience with tailored content. You can see examples of this here;



great E-commerce examples

Given the site we are reproducing, is effectively an ecommerce store, it is vital to understand what makes a good ecommerce site.  I understand that some of the examples I look at are specific to a category such as fashion but the same principles of design and layout still apply, with that said, let’s look at some brilliant examples of e-commerce.

The Diesel website works well with a landing page featuring ‘party scenes’ where models wearing the brand seem to be mid-dance and having a good time with smaller captions below them;

1  2

3Please note the menu section above also seems to get rid of drop down menus in exchange for the drop down box to avoid the bad user experience issues noted in the standard drop down menus. Once you arrive on the section of the site that you require, in the case below, it is ‘apparel’ which is split into three categories for the user to choose from;


Once you land on the section page, you are overwhelmed by large images. There is a close up image in the background, then there are smaller images that feature other pictures of the items of clothing which sell them really well instead of the standard grid. It features close up images, models wearing them and gifs of american terrain, fitting in with the overall theme of the site. I think this is an excellent way to sell products as it is much friendlier user experience, it doesn’t look like being sold to as much. Note I have hovered over some of the images to show the option to purchase;

6 7

Once you click on a particular image that you like, you are taken to a large image of the model wearing the item and the option in the top right hand corner. I found this experience very appealing and I was almost tempted to purchase some of the items;


Reiss is another nicely designed ecommerce site that features large images across the screen splitting the products into different categories;


They also have a full width drop down menu that contains all the links, making all the pages clean, clutter free and simple.


The section that features all the items for sale is organised and symmetrical, all the images look very similar which helps you focus on the item rather than the unorganised fashion in which it is organised in.


It is also worth looking at some great examples of help pages because as it stands the high noon holster help section looks like this:
12 14 13

Youtube has really good help page as it creates categorises the informations and shows them under different sections;


99 Designs has really good FAQ page as it has categorised the questions but also has a search bar at the top allowing the user to find their answer really quickly.




Craigie Horsfield – Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

NHS Advert

This a great image, it focuses on textures, detail and cropping which all compliment the image in a way that allows you to connect with Susan on a personal level. The simple black and white tones bring out the light and solemn expression in her face.

This would indicate sadness in her life, perhaps she is deep in thought. I believe this art piece can be related to portions of Enigma’s “Age Of Loneliness” music video;


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 17.07.27

A similar concept of a the side of the of the face, with grave looks upon their faces throughout the video, the lyrics;

“Carly don’t be sad,

Life is crazy,

Life is mad,

Don’t be afraid,

Carly Don’t be sad,

That’s your destiny,

The only chance,

Take it, take it in your hands”

Can be taken in a way they are reflecting upon life, In a sense that we all have our own path to follow. If to manipulate the image in such a way to take full advantage of what I have just discussed, you could quite easily use the image to promote the fact you don’t need to be lonely in later life. This is an issue that effects over 51% of all people over 75 in England (http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/women60-plus/pages/loneliness-in-older-people.aspx). I have created a mockup of how this image can be used by the NHS to help loneliness in the older generation.

Susan Smith Edit

Susan Smith Edit

I visually used current NHS adverts (http://wearestamp.co.uk/portals/0/Images/NHS%20Northants%201/adverts_2.png)to make sure my mockup was in the line of current style of their marketing. Taking cues from the layout of the text, the style they write in and the general theme.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

NHS Advert

Notice the box at the bottom containing text just like the NHS advert along with the caption “What have you got to lose?”. Where the content of the images in the current NHS adverts show happy families enjoying the benefits of ‘not smoking’, my advert would relate to the viewer should they be lonely, enticing them to want to do something about being lonely. I also made the decision to keep the bottom box black rather than blue as the original image was in black & white and the new adverts seem to be more cheerful were as I was trying to aim to emphasise the loneliness of the woman.