Understand the user is vital to creating immersive experience to suit them. With research, discovering my target audience would be adults between 24 and 45 years old, I need to create a website that is accessible and easy to use whilst still creating desire to attend the exhibition. Also it is worth noting that to create a suitable marketing campaign, it is absolutely vital that I fully understand my target audience.

To maximize the sales of the exhibition, the success of the website, I must concentrate on marketing meaning that I create a brand around the exhibition and get people talking about it, something that was suggested by top marketer Sean Dromgoole at his TedX talk about “the future of marketing”.

Since the purpose and goals of the site were to sell exhibition tickets, I needed to cover as broader spectrum as possible therefore it was important to keep the audience very diverse in gender, age, education level and work experience. I would need the user to visit the site for the purpose of finding out more about the exhibition but then to buy tickets while they were there. For this reason I need the site to work on every device and every browser in aim to stop myself from loosing sales beside on the website design and build. The user will be one of two categories, encouraged by the element of making money by turning base metals to gold and the other group would simply be interested in learning more about alchemy on a factual level.



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Mood boards set the scene for what the experience should look and feel like, in this case, I need to cater for the 4 types of visitors. The social visits can gather round the iPad and share the experience with each other, the intellectual visitors can make the most use of the information available on the iPad to learn about the exhibit. The emotional visitors, can look at the artifacts shown around the museum to draw upon past relationships. Finally the spiritual visitors can take comfort from the relaxation of the room that offers smooth whale sounds whilst being surrounded by a projection of whales on the walls around them in a relaxation room. This can all be seen within mood board, which also portrays what the experience should look like to outsiders, with the aim of drawing them into the exhibition.