Good & Bad Brochures

The purpose of a brochure is to inform the reader, this can be done in a varying amount of different forms and I am going to start researching them now. From my research I have found that there are a lot of small things that all add up to make a brochure good or bad. Fonts, colour choice, layout, shapes, form and lines all make the brochure stand out from the rest so the best way to start was to research the different types of brochures, you can see these here.

One awful one that jumped out at me straight away was this one. It was way to complicated with too much going on at once, a brochure to sell the reader a sport fishing trip uses out dated styles to present its information. In an age of flat colour and simplicity, this design has 3D boat drawing complete with way too much compact text and images. This brochure has no space to breathe in, making it difficult for the reader to read it.

This design has seemingly mixed lots of design techniques into one. It has used flat colours and text message like green boxes with a slight transparency, there is a very busy logo in the top right and a somewhat disturbing white flower design floating on an image of a field.  To make the image even more complicated there is three images of the vehicles available. Something that stands out to me about this image is that it isn;t instantly obvious what the brochure is about and I think this is definitely something to be avoided if making a brochure to inform or sell.


I really like the idea of the book having a matte finish but a transparent cover to protect it and give it a gloss finish. By printing on the gloss, when it lifts naturally it gives it a natural shadow on the actual design too which is really nice. I think it is brilliant how the texts and images takes up the full page by themselves. This booklet also proves that white space makes the design so much better by simplifying the design.

I really like this image as it has some very interesting ideas about layout of images. The main reason I like this brochure though is the fact that it uses a total of only three colours for contrast in the background and text areas. Transparency also plays a nice cold in the areas over images.

This design is very clever in the way it uses the there colours of the american flag to add interest to the brochure. While I like the overall design and the seemingly random shapes I do find the design to be a bit cluttered and had a bit too much going on. I feel like I would prefer something a little more stripped back.

I like this design because it is very creative in the way the images are laid out, using unusual cropping of images lead the eyes across the page very well. Some of the positioning of the images and the flat images don’t work very well therefore I will probably disregard these but it’s all good inspiration regardless.

I like how this post uses cuts and folds to create a more interesting composition. Edging away from simplicity, and creating something.

I found this piece of art work and thought it was really interesting so thought it would be worthwhile noting it and trying to find a way of relating it with anything within web destign, this means I will have to look at and research pop ups in web design and print.



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