Polygons in design

Polygons have also had a firm hold within design. By creating a digital version of an object or person using polygons, you can create a much edgier shape to capture the attention of the viewer. I thought this would be relevant to include in my brochure so here is my research. My research began with reading a book entitled “Visarely” written by Gaston Diehl based upon the influence artist Victor Vasarely had on op art. I was able to find early examples dating right back to 1958 of polygons being used to create interesting visuals you can see a few of them here;

1 2 3

Bert Simons is a modern day artist that has created 3D models of human faces made from polygons, using smaller polygons you can create much more detailed pieces of work. You can see examples of this below;

5 6

Josh Brill creates some brilliant images that replicate animals by using shapes. They are not entirely polygons but proof too be a very good example that by using sharp lines and flat colours you can make some very interesting visuals. You can see these here;

7 109 8

Going one step further this design are these pieces of artwork made entirely from polygons and create and even more intense feel for the works created. Linn Maria Jensen has done an excellent job with these;

11 13 12

Finally there are countless image manipulations of the human face which always work really well because they give the image an unusual feel that can sometimes change the sense the image is perceived. You can see examples of this that have been created by Filip Peraić here;

14 16 Print16-5

So how does this all fit in with web design? Well since the start of the web, many forms of art have been ported across in their own way to make a page stand out from the crowd, these then form design trends that get used regularly by web designers, here I will show you examples of polygons in web design.

17 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18




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