Coachella & Apple

There are a lot of things that connect Coachella Festival with Apple. Every year Coachella films the entire festival and it is available to stream on the Apple TV. In September 2014, Apple announced their Apple Watch and went on to release it to the public on April 24th 2015, five days after the Coachella festival had finished. This allowed them to use the entire month to build up the launch of the Apple watch. They gave an Apple watch to two performing artists Drake (31.5 million Twitter followers) & Beyonce;



(14.2 million Twitter followers) and an Apple watch to two VIP attendees Pharrell (8.7 Million) & Katy Perry (87.1 Million);



This alone gave them a total audience of at least a total of 141.5 Million people.


Last year Coachella introduced Apples’ iBeacons to help the attendees get around the festival. In 2016 Coachella have added the ability to pay using Apple Pay. This means visitors will now be able to use iPhones and Apple watches to pay for food and drinks at the festival.

Therefore It only made sense to use Apples’ style of marketing in an ad showing how the coachella attendee can use the mobile guide. To start with I used Apples’ own video advertising Liam their recycling machine;

Then I made the following video in the same style;






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