UX & Colour Research

Colour & UX research is vital, it will change the way the app is perceived by it’s user. I will need to use;

– Cool blues that relax and inspire the user
– Light pinks on the the blue for contrast
– Black & white for the augmented reality

The images below make a good use of depth within their experiences. This is something that is going to be vital in creating my experience, as an entirely flat design in this instance will make the experience bored due to the stripped back abilities the user has to their disposal. Great Depth can be seen in there designs below.

1 2

Augmented Reality is a challenge because users are not used to using this technology, therefore it needs to be kept as simple as possible. The first two images show simply how easy it to overlay information in a camera, while the third shows how by using the camera you are able to offer a variety of different information for the user.

3 45

Displaying relevant information needs to be visually appealing in a way that they “don’t compete for information” or “fill the screen with unrelated information” (http://thenextweb.com/uxdesign/2015/07/07/10-dos-and-donts-of-ui-and-ux-design/). Therefore finding methods of laying out the content is of the most importance, and you can see some examples of how this can be done below. Both the layout and colours have been taken into consideration

6 7 8 9 1011original

The route through the museum is of great importance, and is something the user will see the most, this needs to be easy to follow and understand, there are a couple of examples below.

12 13

Placards to show the results of searching for information would be the most user friendly way of showing data to the user, this is a great example of this.


Social element within the museum should be strong as it helps the museum create footfall, below are great examples of how the social interaction elements I can use.

15 16 17

The editable video at very end of the exhibition should show the user the previous edits along with the video and the ability to scrub through the video. You can see examples of this done below.

18 19



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