Trying to find an illustrator

Since my project is so complex, with characters that are the main face of the brand, it is vital I get them perfect. I know my own skills within illustrator are not good enough yet to draw what I need therefore the search for an illustrator began.

Looking online I found a multitude of different designers offering their skills online. Many of them didn’t fit the requirements for the style I was looking for. I neeeded my characters to;

– Be very simple

– Be colourful

– Have the ability to be customised with items like hats

– Be drawn in illustrator so I could access the files

This proved trickier than expected, with 80% of professionals not responding to my offer of work. It’s important to ensure all illustrators are paid for their work, and they should know how much you are going to profit from the use of their work so they know how much to charge.

I spoke with multiple agencies with very little luck and decided to advertise in university among my peers. This is the poster I put together;

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 08.41.31.png

Eventually after weeks of searching, I found a relvent artist who was able to do the designs of the characters, first on paper and then after in Adobe Illustrator. I gave the artist the brief and she started drawing sketches of what the frogs could look like. See this post for the details on the sketches (


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